Artificial Grass for Property Managers and Hotels

Artificial Grass Turf Hotels

Commercial Artificial Grass Solutions For Northern California

Artificial grass is the perfect solution for property managers, hotels and any type of commercial location. Artificial grass requires no maintenance and is truly beautiful. Your customers won’t even believe it’s artificial.

We specialize in all major commercial industries and applications

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  • Industrial Applications
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Artificial Grass for Hotels

Hotels get their business from many different aspects of how their property looks along with the overall presentation of beauty. Customers do not want to stay at a hotel that looks shabby and unkempt on the outside, because chances are it will also be that way in the rooms. A hotel that looks fancy and pristine, on the other hand, sparks hopes that the rooms will also be fancy and pristine.

Is it hard to keep real grass looking pristine year-round?

It is incredibly hard to keep grass looking pristine all year long. Grass is a plant that is very sensitive to weather changes. Grass is very thirsty, and it quickly turns brown if it does not get enough water. And of course, we are in a drought in the Sacramento, East Bay, Contra Costa County, Walnut Creek, Pittsburg, Danville, and Concord and areas. Water is a scarce commodity. Keeping grass looking perfect at a hotel or property is expensive and wastes a ton of water.

You can save your company money and time by switching to commercial artificial grass from Artificial Grass NorCal

artificial grass does not need to be watered, fertilized, sprayed for pesticides, or mowed. With the price of water bills, switching to artificial grass can save your company thousands and thousands of dollars.

Artificial grass is better for the environment because it doesn’t waste any water. It is also better for the environment because it doesn’t require chemicals to keep it healthy. With regular grass, you have to spray fertilizers and pesticides. Those chemicals wash down into our waterways and pollute our water. With artificial grass, there are no toxic chemicals to wash off. In fact, our artificial grass here at Artificial Grass NorCal is completely non-toxic and is made from the same plastic that milk cartons are made from.

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