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Artificial Grass Turf Playgrounds

Artificial Grass NorCal for Recreation Use in Northern California!

Playgrounds are magical places where children’s imaginations run wild. They are also places where children are all too likely to hurt themselves. It’s important to make sure a playground has a cushioned, springy, safe ground for kids to jump on or land on if they fall.

Many playgrounds simply use dirt and/or grass. If they use grass, the grass often dies very quickly, leaving bare dirt for the children to run around on. Not only does this get kids incredibly dirty, but it also is a fairly hard surface that does not provide a lot of cushion or safety.

Some other playground ideas include shredded tires, wood chips, and sand. All of these have their own problems, not least of which is that none of them look very pretty. If you want your playground to bring kids to play on it, it needs to look attractive.

Artificial Grass NorCal for Recreation Fields

Artificial Grass Turf Recreation Fields

Commercial Artificial Grass NorCal for Recreation Fields in Northern California

Commercial artificial turf can solve all the problems that other playground and Recreation Fields options have. It is springy and cushioned for safe play. It is clean and does not let kids get dirty. It dries quickly so children can play without slipping. It does not require any maintenance, unlike grass which needs a lot of water just to stay alive. And, of course, it is attractive and inviting to look at.

Artificial turf can really enhance your Recreation Fields in Northern California. It can help kids have a better time playing on the playground, and of course, it can reduce your maintenance costs tremendously.

Artificial Grass NorCal is a licensed contractor with all these programs, and we can help you find out your eligibility. Give Artificial Grass NorCal a call today to find out what sort of savings you might qualify for on your commercial artificial turf for playgrounds and recreational areas!