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HERO and YGRENE Programs for Artificial Grass in Livermore

Are you looking for a way to save on your water bill in Livermore, CA? We have a solution for you here at Artificial Grass and Turf!

Lawns are a terrible waste of water. They make up about 60% of the average water bill, and all they do is sit there and need to be mowed. You can streamline your life and save a ton of money on water just by switching to artificial grass, with programs designed to help you afford it:

PACE Programs: HERO, YGRENE & CaliforniaFIRST in Livermore, CA

The programs that help with funding for artificial grass are below. These programs that you can apply for in Antioch, CA assist to help you afford artificial grass and turf.

CaliforniaFIRST (funding for water efficiency Livermore, CA)

PACE Programs Artificial Grass CaliforniaFIRST

Ygrene Energy Fund (developer of clean energy in Livermore, CA)

PACE Programs Artificial Grass Ygrene

 HERO (#1 energy efficiency financing program Livermore, CA)

PACE Programs Artificial Grass HERO

At Artificial Grass and Turf, we are licensed contractors for all these programs. We can help you find out what you are eligible for in terms of financing and/or rebates. Specializing in Commercial & Residential Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf and Synthetic Grass Putting Greens in Livermore, Artificial Grass and Turf can help you get your water bill under control.

Different Options of Artificial Grass in Livermore, CA

Different Types of Artificial Grass

Types of Artificial Grass – Colors and Options

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Contact us today to see if you qualify for 100% financing for the HERO Program, YGRENE Program and or Pace Programs for Artificial Grass and Turf! Are you spending too much on your water bill in Livermore? We can help! Artificial grass is a great way to stop paying for water that is just wasted on your grass. You can save money on your installation with these programs, give us a call today!