Artificial Grass NorCal for Commercial Pet Facilities

Artificial Grass Turf For Pet Facilities

Pet Facilities Love Artificial Grass NorCal solutions for their business

The question of what to do for outdoor areas at commercial pet facilities is a difficult one to answer. Concrete looks depressing and doesn’t give the dogs and cats anything soft to walk on. On the other hand, it’s the easiest to clean and keep sanitary. Grass looks beautiful and gives customers confidence that you take good care of your pets, but it is incredibly hard to keep alive, especially with animals running all over it. It is also much harder to keep grass clean since you can’t just spray it off with a hose.

Artificial Grass NorCal is the perfect solution for commercial pet facilities

Commercial artificial grass and turf is the perfect solution for your commercial pet facilities. It has the convenience and ease of cleaning that concrete does, with the beauty and softness of grass. In fact, it is much better than grass because the animals can’t kill it. They can run all over it all day long and they won’t trample it flat or leave any bare spots.

At Artificial Grass NorCal, we offer high-quality artificial grass that looks and feels just like natural grass. It is completely safe and non-toxic, with no harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Our artificial grass is even recyclable, so after it wears out after many years of use you can recycle it and help the planet instead of sending it to a landfill.

Artificial Grass NorCal is easy to clean up after

More importantly for your commercial pet facility, our artificial grass is easy to clean. You just pick up the solid waste like you would with a concrete pad, and then you can wash off the liquid waste with a hose. Since there is no dirt, you don’t have to worry about your animals getting muddy when you let them run outside.

If you have a commercial pet boarding facility, your customers will love that their dogs and cats get to run around outside and enjoy the beauty and comfort of our commercial artificial grass. You will love how easy it is to take care of and clean. Your bookkeeper will love how much money you spend not having to water grass, and your employees will love how much time you save not having to mow it or care for it. All you have to do is pick up any waste or litter that might be on it, squirt it down with a hose to keep it fresh and smelling good, and occasionally ruffle up any high-traffic areas that are starting to get flattened. Everything else takes care of itself!

We can help you figure out what savings you are eligible for. Give us a call today to find out more about how artificial grass can help your commercial pet facility in Northern California.