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About Us

With Nearly 4,000 Projects Completed, You Can Trust & Rely Upon Artificial Grass NorCal for quality installation, great, lasting results with only top quality products backed by our exclusive 20-Year Warranty!

Artificial Grass NorCal serves the greater East Bay area, including Antioch, Brentwood, Concord, Danville, Lafayette, Martinez, Pittsburg, San Ramon, Walnut Creek and many more.

Artificial grass is easy!

  • You don’t have to water or mow your artificial grass. You don’t have to cut the edges with a weed eater. You don’t have to fertilize it, aerate it, or seed it – in fact, there is absolutely nothing you need to do with it except enjoy it!

Artificial grass adds value to your home!

  • Just like any other energy-saving improvement, artificial grass adds to the value of your home. Or you can take it with you when you move – it is up to you.

Artificial grass is affordable and money-saving!

  • Most people in the East Bay area and Sacramento area find that their artificial grass pays for itself within 36 months in energy bill savings. And with the programs that are available to help you finance your artificial grass installation with fixed-interest financing, rebates, and incentives, it is even more affordable than ever to put artificial grass.

Common Myths About Artificial Grass:

#1. Artificial grass is bad for pets.

Actually, our artificial grass is created with pets in mind. It has no toxic chemicals or anything else that can harm them. Just let us know to add drainage to your lawn if your pets are going to be “doing their business” on it. Solid waste can be picked up just like on a regular lawn. A quick hose-down will remove the remnants of liquid waste and leave your lawn clean and fresh. We recommend lower face-weight grasses for pets because it makes it easier for the liquid waste to drain through.

#2. Artificial grass has dangerous chemicals.

Wrong again! Our artificial grass is produced in the USA and is completely free from dangerous chemicals, including lead.

#3. All artificial grass looks the same.

Nope! You can still get off green, subpar artificial grass. You can get just about any type, style or color of artificial grass at Artificial Grass NorCal! We only carry products that we can put our good name behind. That means realistic infill and multi-color fiber for a realistic look, soft texture, and superior durability.

Environmental Benefits from Artificial Grass

So much of our modern life is terrible for the environment. We drive our cars, we use tons of electricity from coal-powered plants, we flush pharmaceuticals down the toilet, we pollute the waterways and we use enormous amounts of water even in the middle of a major drought! We can look around us and see the harmful things we have done to the environment. For some things, it may even be too late to remedy the harm we have done. It is easy to look at what other people are doing and judge how they should be better to the environment, but we rarely point the finger at ourselves to look at how we could be protecting our planet better. One of the biggest ways we harm the environment is right in our backyard – literally! Yards are terrible for the environment, and they are even worse because of the massive drought we are having right now.


Lawns have to be watered, and they have to be watered a lot. The average American lawn needs a massive 21,600 gallons of water each year. During a drought, that is water that is coming from our groundwater and our lakes, and for what? To make our yards look pretty. Yards that are planted on sandy soil are even worse because the soil drains so quickly. And if you don’t have a drought-resistant variety of grass planted in your California yard, you are wasting a ton of water!


Americans put 3 million metric tons of synthetic fertilizer on their lawns each year. That fertilizer eventually gets washed down into our waterways and then into our rivers, lakes, and oceans. It is responsible for algae blooms and a host of other ecological problems. Furthermore, it takes a lot of oil to make fertilizer. We use 11.8 million barrels of oil each year to produce just the fertilizer we put on our lawns.

Pesticides and Herbicides

We use 70 million pounds of pesticides and herbicides every year on our lawns. Those chemicals are also getting washed into the waterways and poisoning nature.

Carbon emissions

A gas-powered mower produces as many carbon emissions in an hour as a car does driving 93 miles, according to a study done in Stockholm, Sweden. And mower manufacturers might claim that they have improved their products’ emissions, but they still refuse to put catalytic converters on their mowers.

This is the only planet we have, and we are merrily skipping toward the point of no return in terms of making it unfit for human habitability At Artificial Grass NorCal, we want your grandchildren and your grandchildren’s grandchildren to be able to live on this beautiful earth that has everything they need. We are working toward environmental sustainability, and we hope you will join us.